Use of Digital Segmental Spinal Assessment at Capri

The techniques of X ray and MRI does the revelations of the situations like the static condition as well as medical pathologies which are mostly associated with pain and stiffness of the spine. In some cases it has been observed that it's not the medical pathologies that are becoming the cause of pain & stiffness, but it is the wrong kinematics and kinetics of the spine that too in weight bearing positions that causes pain. Such kind of abnormalities or bio mechanical faults need some advanced technology to be diagnosed.
The Capri Spine Clinic, has started using the Digital Segmental Spinal Assessment to find out these kinds of faults that are caused at each vertebral segment of the spinal column. Its abbreviated name is called the CDSSAT. It is an innovative, highly sensitive computer assisted spine scanner that offers a clear display of the spine mobility as well as shape in the frontal and sagittal planes or in layman terms known as the 3D image.
This mode of diagnosis is way more advanced than the traditional methods in the terms of its relevance, precision, and clarity. Plus, this technique is very much patient friendly, non invasive, and completely free from radiation. After the diagnosis with this technique, it is very much possible for the therapist to treat the ailments permanently in less period of time. The experts at Capri, provide the treatment of the highest standard aims at not relieving the pain, restoration of functions, and even the underlying cause of the problem.

The spine physicians at Capri use this as a preventive as well as a curative measure to provide advanced treatment program. Their different physiotherapy centres in Delhi that offers various treatments like Electrotherapy, Exercise therapy & Manual therapy, especially for patients who want spine treatment in Delhi for a healthier lifestyle with long term pain management.