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What are the signs and symptoms of liver diseases in children?

When the doctors are diagnosing the liver disease in children, then they will take an audit of the child's symptoms and after that conduct a physical examination. The doctor may also advise tests such as liver biopsy, liver function tests, and other imaging tests. The signs as well as the symptoms of liver disease can vary greatly between different individuals and even between the 100 different liver diseases that can affect children and young people, which is one of the main reasons that liver diseases can be hard to diagnose. The liver specialist doctors in Gurgaon also suggested that there are numerous symptoms of liver diseases in children. However, here is a list of some of the main indicators of liver disease in children: ·Pain in the abdomen ·Ascites, which is also the abdominal swelling that is caused by a large liver or large spleen or even the excess of the fluid in the abdomen ·Change in the sleeping patterns ·Grey, creamy colored or pale stools ·Jaundice  that further resul…

What are the common myths about kidney diseases?

The Kidney disease affects the human body’s ability to clean out the blood, filter extra water out of the blood, and help control a person’s blood pressure. In the cases of damage to the kidneys the waste products as well as the fluid build up in the body. There is so much information regarding the kidney diseases on various platforms that acquaints the people about them, but there are some myths too, that pervert people regarding them Here is a list of some common myths regarding the kidney diseases:
1.All kidney diseases are serious in nature 2.Swelling of body means that a person is suffering from a kidney disease. 3.The treatment is not required if the functioning of kidneys is fine. 4.Once dialysis in kidney disease starts then it is lifelong. 5.The person will know when they have any kidney disease 6.Nothing can be done if a person has a kidney disease. 7.Dialysis is the only treatment 8.Only one kidney fails in kidney failure 9.Kidney disease can be linked to diet. 10.Only the elderly …

How to choose an IVF Specialist?

IVF is noted as one of the most effective infertility treatment. Though the success rate in IVF is higher, not 100%, though much more than the other infertility treatments. The whole success credit goes to the IVF specialist if they are supremely competent and compassionate, the chances of success increase enormously. Here are some of the leading characteristics of a good IVF specialist: ·Honesty and Integrity: An IVF specialist should be honest to the core that ensures transparency with the patients. A good IVF specialist must articulate and honest, while explaining all the details of IVF to the patients or allaying their fears. They must not withhold any important piece of the information from patients or make any false promises. They must convey the chances of success in a particular case are little or non-existent to avoid potential emotional suffering. ·Compassion: An IVF specialist must be able to understand the mental as well as the emotional state of their patients and show the…