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What is included in the after care of limb strengthening surgery?

After the limb strengthening surgery, the patients are taught about the care of the skin around the pins that attach the external fixator. With this, they are also taught how to recognize as well as treat the early signs of infection.  This whole procedure takes almost 30 minutes every day until the apparatus is removed. It is very important in preventing infection from developing. After this, a patient is hospitalized for about a week. In some cases, a cast is placed on the operated leg for some 20 to 30 days. The incisions usually get healed in 8 to 12 weeks, after which, the patients can resume full activities can be resumed.
A patient is hospitalized for 7 days or longer in the cases of leg lengthening surgery. They require intensive physical therapy to gain their normal leg motion. They even have to visit the physician frequently get their external fixator adjusted. The healing time depends on the extent of lengthening. The present fixators used for limb lengthening surgery in Indi…

What type of cancer specialists are required for the treatment?

There are basically three types of cancer treatments that includes hormone therapy or immunotherapy, with radiation therapy, and surgery. A different specialist is required for each treatment. Not every cancer patient requires all the three treatments as it all depends upon the type as well as the stage of the cancer. Below mentioned are the cancer specialists that one might require to consult: ·Medical oncologist-They are the ones that a cancer patient probably sees most often. You can find the best oncologist in Gurgaon  who will oversee a patient’s general care as well as maintain a coordination in the treatments with the other specialists. They also take care of the chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy. A patient has to visit their medical oncologist for regular check ups on the long-term basis. ·Radiation oncologist- They treat the cancer with the help of radiation therapy. ·Surgical oncologist- They are the surgeons who are specially trained for treating the cancer. The…