What type of cancer specialists are required for the treatment?

There are basically three types of cancer treatments that includes hormone therapy or immunotherapy, with radiation therapy, and surgery. A different specialist is required for each treatment. Not every cancer patient requires all the three treatments as it all depends upon the type as well as the stage of the cancer. Below mentioned are the cancer specialists that one might require to consult:
·         Medical oncologist-They are the ones that a cancer patient probably sees most often. You can find the best oncologist in Gurgaon  who will oversee a patient’s general care as well as maintain a coordination in the treatments with the other specialists. They also take care of the chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy. A patient has to visit their medical oncologist for regular check ups on the long-term basis.
·         Radiation oncologist- They treat the cancer with the help of radiation therapy.
·         Surgical oncologist- They are the surgeons who are specially trained for treating the cancer. They are involved in diagnosing the cancer with a biopsy. They also treat the cancer by removing the tumors as well as the other cancerous tissue.

In some cases, a patient may have to see some other type of doctors for the special care of the case which totally depends upon the case. They may require to see a see a hematologist, who holds the specialization in the treatment of  disorders in the blood, bone marrow, as well as the lymph nodes. Sometimes’ a patient’s surgery can be done by a general surgeon instead of a surgical oncologist or a patient might need a plastic surgeon if they need reconstructive surgery after their treatment. One may also wish to see a psychiatrist or even a psycho-oncologist, who helps in coping with the psychological challenges of cancer.