What are the signs and symptoms of liver diseases in children?

When the doctors are diagnosing the liver disease in children, then they will take an audit of the child's symptoms and after that conduct a physical examination. The doctor may also advise tests such as liver biopsy, liver function tests, and other imaging tests. The signs as well as the symptoms of liver disease can vary greatly between different individuals and even between the 100 different liver diseases that can affect children and young people, which is one of the main reasons that liver diseases can be hard to diagnose. The liver specialist doctors in Gurgaon also suggested that there are numerous symptoms of liver diseases in children.
However, here is a list of some of the main indicators of liver disease in children:
·         Pain in the abdomen
·         Ascites, which is also the abdominal swelling that is caused by a large liver or large spleen or even the excess of the fluid in the abdomen
·         Change in the sleeping patterns
·         Grey, creamy colored or pale stools
·         Jaundice  that further results in the yellowing of the skin and the whitening of the eyes
·         Pruritus (itching)
·         Tiredness or loss of stamina
·         Vomiting of blood
·         Loss of appetite and nausea
·         Passing of blood in the stools and urine
·         Poor weight gain

·         Portal Hypertension and varices.