What are the benefits of PGD IVF?

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis or better known as PGD IVF is a procedure that is used prior to implantation that helps in identifying the genetic defects within the embryos that are created through IVF treatment to prevent the certain diseases or any kind of disorders from being passed on to the child.
Benefits of PGD
The below mentioned are the benefits of PGD:
·         This procedure can be used to test more than 100 different genetic conditions.
·         PGD is performed before the implant that allows the couple to make a decision regarding their wish of continuing with the pregnancy.
·         It also enables the couples to pursue biological children who they might not have done so otherwise.

Who can benefit from PGD?
The Preimplantation genetic diagnosis can benefit any couple who is at risk for passing on a genetic disease or any condition.
The following is a list of the type of individuals who are possible candidates for PGD:
·         Women who are 35 years old and above
·         Carriers of single gene disorders
·         Women with more than one failed fertility treatment
·         People suffering from chromosomal disorders
·         Carriers of sex-linked genetic disorders
·         Women experiencing recurring pregnancy loss

PGD is also used for the purpose of the gender selection. However, discarding the embryos based upon their gender considerations only is an ethical concern for many people.