Surrogacy requirements

Being a surrogate mother in India is a highly respected task and full of challenges. With this reputed work comes certain responsibilities which are to be fulfilled to ensure that the entire procedure and process of delivering a baby is as smooth as possible. Health and other factors play a major role to analyze the preparedness of the surrogate mother in India to bear the child. Some of the crucial factors related to surrogacy in India include-

·        The first and the foremost requirement of a surrogate mother in India is   the desire to help others create a family.

·      The surrogate mother should preferably be between the ages of 21-42 which will ensure the health of the baby as well as the mother and reduce deaths associated with deliveries

·     The surrogate has Had at least one child that they are currently raising
·     The surrogate mother in India should financially be stable or get enough assistance from the prospective parents to ensue healthy conditions.She must be a Non-smoker
·      Have a BMI of 31 or less

·      To be a surrogate mother in India you have to be able to schedule appointments, remember to attend them and take the proper medication when the time comes. You have to also be able to read and understand the legal contract you will be entering into with the couple you help. 

·        Be willing to undergo medical and psychological evaluations related to surrogacy, and any spouse/significant other should be willing to undergo the same.
·        the surrogate mother should have no criminal history.