Things to know about Prevention and Early Detection of Lung Cancer

It has been observed that lung cancer is the second most common cancer found in both men as well as women after the skin cancer. It is also, by far the leading cause of cancer death among both men and women. Many people die of lung cancer as compared to the colon, breast, and prostate cancers combined, every year.

The cancer specialists in Patna stated that themost of the lung cancers can be prevented, as they are related to smoking or second hand smoke. Even the cancers caused bythe exposure to radon or other environmental factors also have a bit of chance to be prevented. There are some lung cancers that occur in people without any known risk factors for the disease and it is not yet clear if these cancers can be prevented or not.

In the cases where lung cancers are at an advanced stage when they are first found and have already spread widely. Such kind of cancers are very difficult to be cured. But presently, the doctors have found a test that can help to screen for lung cancer in people at high risk of the disease. This test can help find some of these cancers early, which can even lower the risk of dying from this disease.