What Conditions Are Bone Grafts Used To Treat?


Bone grafts are usually needed in situations where the patient’s body is unable to produce enough new bone. A bone graft acts as a filler or scaffold for new bone growth. The best orthopaedic doctor in Patna, who works at the leading orthopaedichospital in Patna, discusses in this article about the conditions in which a bone graft might be necessary. There are inputs in the article from a leading orthopaedic surgeon in Patna as well.

Conditions in Which Bone Grafts Are Required

According to these reputed orthopaedic doctors in Patna, the following are conditions in which bone grafts are required.
  1. Fractures, especially if they are not healing properly
  2. Bone defects, including:
o   Infections
o   Osteonecrosis, which is the loss of blood supply to the bone
o   Trauma
o   Injuries
o   Benign tumors and cysts
o   Birth abnormalities
o   Spinal fusion or other fusions
o   Joint problems
If the affected individual wants their fracture to heal quickly and in the right manner, they should refrain from smoking. Other factors which may prevent the quick and correct healing of a fracture include advanced age, diabetes or a supressed immune system. 
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