How to support your back every day?

Back pain is one of the main problems suffered by the all the generations because of their hectic schedules. When a person suffers from chronic back pain, their daily routine can get complex but there are simple things that can be done every day to help ease the pain:

1.      Support your spine at your desk
Sitting for prolonged periods of time can seriously aggravate your back pain. This is because sitting places a significant amount of pressure on your back muscles and spinal discs.

Here are a few tips offered by spine specialists to help support the lower back while sitting:

·         Adjust the office chair so that the knees are bent at about a 90-degree angle.
·         2 fingers should slip easily between the bottom of the thigh and the chair.
·         The backrest of the chair should push the  lower back forward slightly.
·         Place a support under the feet to elevate them slightly.
·         The back and buttocks should be pressed against the chair for support.
·         Keep the chin pulled in and head tall.
·         Sit as close to the desk as possible.
·         Adjust the computer screen so it is at eye level.

2.      Engage in low-impact aerobic exercise

One may be able to minimize their chronic lower back pain by engaging in a regular routine of low-impact aerobic exercise. There are numerous options for engaging in low-impact aerobic exercise, including riding an exercise bike, using an elliptical machine, and walking. If these options prove to be to hard on your lower back, you can give water therapy a try.