What are the reasons that requires a visit to a Urologist?

Nowadays, it has been common for men suffering from some Urologic problems. Initially, they visit their family doctor who firstly examines them and then after that refer them, visit a Urologist who guides them better regarding their problems. There are many problems related to Urology that require guidance from a urologist, but here are some of the signs or symptoms that absolutely should be seen by them which are certainly nonnegotiable!

1.      If there is an aspect of male infertility as in some cases the male factor infertility is because of the testicular cancer which should be assessed by a urologist only.

2.      If there is blood found in the urine, which can be an early warning sign of a bladder or kidney cancer.

3.      When there is a rise in PSA or even any kind of change in it, which is known to be the most sensitive indicators of prostate cancer of all tests in medicine.

4.      If there is any abnormality of the kidney found on the x-ray. It is usually assumed that these are kidney cancers until proven. It is advised by the urologist in Gurgaon to not let anyone biopsy a kidney mass unless they have seen a urologist.

5.      In the cases of any testicular mass or persistent pain as there can be rare chances of having an underlying testicular cancer, any masses, firmness or nodules of the testicle must be seen by a urologist.