"Can Hypertension Occur In A Specific Organ?” Portal Hypertension and Its Causes

Hypertension is basically high blood pressure, and yes, it can be specific to an organ. Case in point is Portal hypertension, which is a condition of the liver which causes high blood pressure in the hepatic portal system, which consists of the portal vein and its branches that drain from the intestines to the liver. It is a condition related to gastroenterology. The liver is a very important organ of the body, serving many purposes like making carbohydrates, proteins and fats and synthesising bile to digest food. Because of this, the liver requires a significant amount of blood supply. Portal hypertension causes potential problems with liver function and cause complications in the long run.
Portal hypertension occurs when there is an obstruction of blood flow within the liver and blood pressure rises within the portal vein. The obstruction can classified as intrahepatic, pre-hepatic or post-hepatic.

Intrahepatic causes
These include cirrhosis, hepatic fibrosis and/or scarring. Other causes include:
·         Alcohol abuse
·         Hepatitis C and B infections
·         Fatty liver
·         Wilson’s disease
·         Haemochromatosis
·         Cystic fibrosis
·         Primary sclerosing cholangitis
·         Biliary atresia
·         Schistosomiasis

Pre-hepatic causes
·         Portal vein thrombosis or blood clots within the portal vein
·         Congenital portal vein atresia or failure of the portal vein to develop

Post-hepatic causes
·         Hepatic vein thrombosis
·         Inferior Vena Cava thrombosis
·       Restrictive pericarditis, in which the lining of the heart (pericardium) stiffens and does not allow the heart to relax and expand when blood returns to it.

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