Breast Reconstruction Surgery after Cancer

Many women who’ve had to go through the ordeal of breast cancer, have to have a mastectomy, or the removal of an entire breast so that the cancer doesn’t spread. Although some may choose to hide it, it is normal to feel anxious, sad or mournful when a part of your body has been taken away from you. More so when it is the mark of a woman, a part of her sexuality.

This is where breast reconstruction surgery comes in. All kind of reconstructive surgery is known as plastic surgery in India, but the breasts are built using implants of saline or silicone. They can also be built using autologous tissue (tissue from elsewhere in the body), and sometimes both are used to build a breast.

Surgery to reconstruct the breast can be started at the time of the mastectomy itself, and can also be done months or years after the mastectomy.

Factors to be taken into account
Once you have decided to have breast reconstruction, there’ll be some things you and your doctor will have to discuss like what type of reconstruction might be best for you. Here are few factors that must be taken into consideration.
·         Your overall health
·         The location of your breast cancer
·         Your breast size
·         Amount of tissue available
·         Your desire to match the look of the other breast
·         Willingness to having more than one surgery as part of reconstruction
·         Your medical history

Plastic surgery is cheaper in India than in other countries, although it may not seem so to people living here. There are many multi-specialty hospitals, for example Paras Hospitals Group, which have experienced doctors and surgeons in their plastic and reconstructive surgery department.