Everything You Need To Know About Male Fertility

Fertility has been (wrongly) treated as a women’s issue, but the fact is that men are as crucial to conception as they are to the ability to conceive. Statistics say that every 3 out of 10 cases of infertility are due to problems deriving from men, while most fertility doctors say that up to one-third of their practice is exclusively made up of men experiencing fertility issues.Women exhibit signs or are easily diagnosed with conditions that indicate future fertility problems, whereas most men are not aware of any issues until the try to conceive. At that point a semen analysis is the only way to check the 3 major factors of sperm health, the shape, volume and motility of the sperm.

In roughly 25 per cent of the cases, there is no identifiable reason for low sperm count. For the rest, it can be chalked up to a number of health issues, including testicular injuries, infections from childhood (like mumps), chemotherapy and radiation, and operations like hernia surgery.But much like any other bodily function, healthy sperm depends on healthy lifestyle choices.Sperms are on a three-month assembly line from their development in the testicles to when they’re mature, and any insult over that three-month period can have an impact on it. Which is why vices like smoking, excessive alcohol consumptions and drug usage are all factors that negatively impact fertility.

So before anything else, it’s important to eliminate all negative confounders and lifestyle modifications. This includes cleaning up your diet, quitting smoking, avoiding hot baths and hot tubs, and taking anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and D, as well as folic acid. For couples undergoing IUI treatment at a fertility centre, sperm washing may be suggested by the IVF doctors, which is a procedure in which mucous and non-motile sperm are weeded out of the semen to improve the chances of fertility.